TOP 10 Hermes classic bag

1. Kelly bag

Time: 1935 (prototype), 1956 (renamed)

The earlier bag was one of Hermes’ heads. It was renamed “Kelly Bag” because of the use of princess Grace Kelly by Monaco, and it was almost all women’s Dream Bag. Although it was born earlier, it was still very difficult today. Each Kelly bag is purchased from the global auction to the top leather from each year. After the selection, each piece of leather only selects the best part. The sewing of the handbag is carried out from the beginning to the end of a master. Luxury believers who customize this handbag must wait for six to seven years before it can be available. Personally, I think that Kelly’s bag is suitable for 165cm+girls to use it when commuting. It is simply full of gas field, OL Queen Fan.

2. Birkin platinum bag

Time: 1984

The favorite of the ladies and ladies, born and named because of French female singer Jane Birkin, Jane Birkin once took a plane to Jean Louis Dumas, the fifth president of Hermes, who could not find a well -worked and practical big packet, so Hermes The president designed a handbag for her and named her name. This is a platinum bag.

Compared with Kelly, Birkin has a little more elegant and charm. Shopping, banquets, dating, commuting can be available, and the style is very versatile.

3. Constance Kangkang Bag

Time: 1959

Constance is the most difficult handbag in Hermes. In terms of materials, Constance is the same as Herm¨¨s handbags. In addition to conventional beef and sheepskin, various rare leather will be used. It is said that some stores can’t get five cowhide bags a year, and there will be no one in rare leather for several years. It can be seen to what extent this bag is scarce!

Constance is small and exquisite, and the “H” logo is very recognizable. The retro shape of Founder is very versatile. Whether it is a tall girl or a small girl, you can hold it!

4. Lindy pillow bag

Time: 2007

Lindy first appeared on the spring/summer 2007runway show. The bag has two independent sides. Each side has its own zipper pull ring, which can be locked in the center. There are 5 base bolts at the bottom of the bag to protect the bottom. Clemence and SWIFT are the most commonly used leather, of course, it also has the Matte Croc. (Crocodile Skin).

For Hermes’ iron powder, Lindy Bag is necessary. Lindy is a very good choice for Birkin’s replacement. For novices, Lindy is a cute functional package and the beginning of Entering the World of Hermes.

Hermeslins are actually a handbag, and can become shoulder bags at any time. Just like Bolide Bag, Lindy also has a typical Hermes appearance -it is streamlined, simple but luxuriously concentrated on the leather, which is a place that can reflect it. Monochrome makes it classic and eternal. Lindy is your partner, from spring to summer, from autumn to winter. It has enough space to place your daily necessities. A daily bag is enough, because Lindi is made of meticulous and impeccable leather, and you have got the best.

5. ROULIS pig nose bag

Time: 2011

HMS Roulis Pig Nose Bag, I heard this name a little cute, and looking at this style style, it is indeed quite image. The shape is simple and exquisitely designed, with simple and fast lines and colors, fashionable and cute. The fashion queen Yang Mi and Queen Queen Quan Zhixian are very popular with this bag. Countless times at the airport, she was photographed with this pig nose bag.

6. Verrou pistol bag

Time: 2017

This long square Hermes is a new model in spring and summer 2017, named Verrou. Its prototype is the classic handbag designed by Robert Dumas in 1938. Verrou’s French means locking. The highlight of this bag is this insertion. Its inspiration comes from the insertion on the horse, reflecting the inseparable relationship between Hermes and equestrian. Because this insertion is exactly like a pistol, this bag is also called a pistol bag. It is fun to open this bag, and “click” is like turning on a pistol. The style is elegant and casual, and lazy.

7. Picotin vegetable basket

Time: 2002

Picotin or a vegetable basket is a bag that is easier to buy by Hermes. It is available in almost all Hermes fashion stores. Although it cannot reach the level of platinum bag collection, it is still an excellent buckle/handbag. And design is not what you often see in the brand of senior fashion designers, but give people a healthy attitude.

8. Evelyne

Time: 2018

Evelyne oblique crossbag is a very youthful oblique crossbag. This oblique span bag design is very simple, and it looks naturally revealing a kind of elegance. The lines of the bag are very smooth, and the classic H standard is a little more retro. The whole bag is lively and stylish, and there is no lack of elegance.

9. Herbag

Time: 1998

As the handle in the Hermes entered the door -level bag, Herbag was born in 1998. The name “her bag” is also crispy. If Kelly’s lady’s skin makes the fairies worry that they can’t get out of the air, then Herbag perfectly solves this worry, so that the high -level sense is reserved, and some more scriptures are angry.

Herbag is a combination box of leather and canvas texture. In addition to the shoulder straps, handles, and flipping positions, the remaining bag is made of special hard canvas. So even if it is the body of the canvas, its erectness is almost stable as a hard shell leather. It is sitting straight and not hanging down. After all, not all canvas can enter the Hermes door.

10. Bolide handbag

Time: 2017

Mile-Maurice Herm¨¨s, the third generation of Hamshi, produced Bolide in 1923. The birth of this bag gave a great impact on major European brands. The most worth mentioning is that it is Herm¨¨s’ first purse.

This rounded design reflects the beauty of women’s full charm, diverse colors, and large -capacity designs to win the support of men. The most worth mentioning is that after pulling the lock, it plays the role of anti -theft, which is much more convenient than the contemporary bags, and simple and beautiful.

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