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The Red Sox announced before the game against the Orioles at Fenway Park that they have added rescue left arm Matt Stram to the disabled list. As a result, an active baker was vacated and Koichi Sawamura, who had been relegated to AAA Worcester just two days earlier, was re-promoted to Major League Wholesale MLB Jerseys. Sawamura’s relegation thought it meant a strong refresh of the bullpen, but as expected, he returned to the Grand Slam in just two days.

So far this season, Sawamura has played 15 innings in 18 games in his second year of the majors, going 0-1-1 with a 3.60 ERA. The strikeout rate dropped to 7.80 from 10.36 last season, but the walk rate improved to 3.60 from 5.43 last season. He played 3 of 4 games from May 25 to 28 Japan time, and was relegated to AAA Worcester as part of the bullpen renewal measures as the crowded schedule, including doubles, continued. . However, with Straam’s departure, he was immediately re-promoted to Major League cheap mlb jerseys mens. So far this season, Stram has played in 18 games, pitching 2/3 14 times, going 2-2 with 1 save, 4 saves, a 3.68 ERA and 16 strikeouts. He played a member of the bullpen as a precious relief left arm, but was registered in the relevant disabled list and left the battlefield. With Stram’s departure, the Red Sox’s bullpen has only two left arms, Austin Davis and Jack Dickman.

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The Cubs added Seiya Suzuki to their 10-day injured list after their first doubles game. On May 27, Japanese time, Suzuki injured his left ring finger while trying to steal the second base in the Red Army game and was replaced on the way. He has been absent since then. Director David Ross commented that Suzuki’s condition was “not very good”. Suzuki swung with a bat before the first inning of the doubles, played catch with the translator before the second inning, and has been out for at least 10 days. Suzuki did not play in the final match against the Reds on May 27th JST, so the banned list entry applies retroactively to the following day, May 28th JST. Therefore, the shortest time to return to the battlefield is June 7, Japan time. Suzuki has played in 41 games so far and recorded a .245 batting average, 4 home runs, 21 RBIs, 3 stolen bases, 0.344 on-base percentage, 0.432 slugging percentage and 0.776 batting average of OPS.776. In April, in the second week of the broadcast, he was selected as the MVP of the week, and was selected as the best newcomer of the month, which made a good start for OPS.934, but suffered from OPS.616 from the beginning.

The Cubs named Rafael Ortega right fielder in Suzuki’s absence, but 23-year-old stock promising Nelson Vel힢zquez was promoted to Cheap mlb jerseys starting May 31. In the minors this season, he has played in 41 games in both the AA and AAA divisions, with a .253 batting average, 12 home runs, 25 RBIs, 9 stolen bases, and OPS. 914. It is expected that the chances of participating in this Bellasukes will increase.