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“Grey Orange 3.0” Yeezy 350 V2 Complete Physical Exposure! The release plan is here! The extremely popular gray orange Cheap Yeezys shoes 350 V2 has new news recently, and the gray orange family is about to usher in a new member.After the first generation and the gypsophila that was replenished last year, another new version that is very similar to the first generation has been exposed. After a small amount of physical maps were exposed yesterday, today we finally ushered in a complete multi-angle physical map, and the sale information is also available. At first glance, it is almost indistinguishable from the classic gray-orange color scheme, but the comparison shows that the overall tone is darker.

The original dark gray of the shoe body was reversed, and it became a design with dark gray as the main and light colored stripes. The rubber that wraps the Boost on the sole is also deepened in color like the upper, so it is not afraid of oxidation at all. The orange part is almost the same as before, and it looks more bright on the dark subject. Other details have not changed, and the upper does not seem to have a reflective effect at present. The editor thinks that this color matching should be similar to the classic gray orange after wearing it dirty. Players who missed last year’s starry gray orange can wait for this one. According to the current news, this color matching is called “Dark Beluga”. Would you call him a dark gray orange or an old gray orange? It is reported that it will be released this fall, priced at $ 230. We will continue to pay attention to the details and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

When it comes to the “high-priced shoes” in the shoe circle, there are quite a few now, but in the editor’s mind, the cheap Nike Air Yeezy 1 that Kanye and Nike once launched can be described as the ceiling of the shoes, not only the number is extremely rare, but the current price is even higher $9000+! But just two days ago, another pair of Nike Air Yeezy 1 left us forever…

In the second game between the Celtics and Bucks, the Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Zen Greys” suddenly “cracked” at the feet of well-known rapper G-Eazy. At the beginning of the game, these shoes were still in good condition, and G-Eazy was still showing off these “high-priced shoes” under his feet. Recently, it is quite popular for male Rapper to do black manicure. Fortunately, he still has spare shoes. Putting on a pair of Union x Air Jordan 2 can relieve this small embarrassment. Speaking of G-Eazy, as a Mesozoic Rapper who debuted in 2009, the most well-known thing is the innocent lying gun in the diss incident between MGK and Eminem that year, and became the target of MGK’s attack.

But now the two have put their past suspicions behind them and have collaborated on several singles together. Two days ago, G-Eazy also posted a photo of himself and another big man in the circle, Big Sean, on social media. It seems that he is not bad in the rap circle. After talking about the protagonists, let’s talk about the two “protagonists”. Although the price of this pair of Union x Air Jordan 2 is not as high as that of the Air Yeezy 1, its popularity in the shoe circle recently is not low. cheap Yeezy is really a bad pair now, and I hope that G-Eazy can take care of this pair of shoes. After all, these are my “dream shoes”.

Fake YEEZY Boost 350 / 350 V2

In recent years, the YEEZY brand led by YE (Kanye West) has shined in many fields such as fashion and sneakers, which is undoubtedly due to his sense of art and strong personal influence. However, it has been reported recently that YE has hired Nur Abbas as the design director of its YEEZY brand, which will definitely affect the subsequent development of YEEZY. Why does YE have this move?

At present, what problems is the YEEZY brand facing? As we all know, the cheap real yeezys for sale brand is an extension of YE’s personality and vision, and its influence in the field of sneakers is unquestionable. adidas YEEZY series, YE, which first made its name in Nike, brought the YEEZY series to adidas, and successively launched crazy joint shoes such as YEEZY 350 and YEEZY 750, leading the development of sneaker trends several times. But I don’t know if you have found out that after the adidas YEEZY series was updated to 700 V2, there were no super explosions. Although YEEZY has released new models in recent years, such as the earlier YEEZY NSTLD, YEEZY Knit Runner and YEEZY Rose Renders co-branded with NBA star Derrick Rose.

However, these shoes have not been released on a large scale. The reason may be that the epidemic has led to a decline in production capacity, or that the design is too avant-garde, and it is still in the testing stage. But in any case, the current practice of cheap fake yeezys continuous introduction of new color schemes for the 350 V2 will inevitably lead to consumers’ aesthetic fatigue. Recently, there is news that YEEZY will re-enact the original 350. I wonder how long the popularity of the 350 will last? Nowadays, the global consumer market continues to slump, the popularity of sneakers is gradually declining, and the brand power of YEEZY, which focuses on sneakers, has also been affected a lot.

Obviously YE is aware of this problem, so in recent years, the YEEZY brand has been continuously extended to various fields outside the sneakers, in order to change the status quo of the brand. It is reported that the newly appointed Nur Abbas will report directly to YE, and is committed to further expanding the influence of the YEEZY brand, participating in projects such as adidas YEEZY, YEEZY GAP and YEEZY Stem Player, and launching special projects for the brand. Why did YE hire Nur Abbas at this point? In fact, it is not difficult to understand.